How to use Vagaru?

On Vagaru, you do not have to do anything you don't want to do or don't have time for... but you can also choose to do everything available. Your learning is up to you! This is a friendly place in paradise where you have contact with real English every day. Here, you will find learning enjoyable and finally see it’s effects. Vagaru sets you free from traditional school learning methods and textbooks.


Vagaru is a community of people just like you

First of all, Vagaru is full of real people. These are many people who make up Vagaru and, but most importantly we have all the Vagaru Users who learn together and support each other :) They are just like you, they want to speak English and they have the same difficulties as you. They are ready to communicate with you every day, support you and help you learn even faster.


Real skills rather than levels and books

Effective learning is when you gain new skills rather than checking off new levels and units in textbooks. This means that you divide the whole learning process into small steps: every day is a small step to reach a short-term goal (acquiring a new skill). 

For example - today “I will learn how to ask about other people’s interests,'' tomorrow "I will learn how to rent a car on vacation", the day after tomorrow "I will learn how to speak confidently about my work during interviews in English", etc. It does not matter which grade or level defines you, it matters what your skills are and what new skills you want to learn!



1. Click and see the calendar which records your regular progress: every day, when you mark the material as completed, the date in the calendar will be highlighted. This is additional motivation to study systematically :)

2. Then, all you need to do is select a day and an appropriate level (or topic) and follow the exercises. :) 

3. Every Monday, a new topic will be added on Coconut, Goldie, Miyaru and Vagaru levels. You will have 7 days to explore these topics by working on various exercises and memory techniques. 

4. Ottaru level is for beginners. Start from Topic 1 and proceed gradually until last topic or select topics you need to learn.

5. All the topics on Vagaru are up to date, and have authentic and versatile content. :)

6. If you do not like a specific topic, use the search engine to find topics from the archive… and learn things that interest you.

7. You can study 10 minutes a day, or even 120 minutes a day. It’s all up to you. But please remember that 10 minutes a day every day will give you  better results than 120 minutes 2x a week. We’ve checked it, we know that it works, even though it may seem impossible to you.


Comments and written assignments

Every day there are comments regarding learning in the Self-Study section (at the very bottom). Two times a week we add questions to the Self-Study section regarding the topic of the week, your task is to answer them. On the rest of the days, you may ask any other questions regarding English, Vagaru programs and grammar. All the comments are checked by professional teachers, this way you correct your mistakes on your own and learn how to speak english correctly. 


Webinars = live conversations with native speakers

Every month, you have access to 50 one-hour conversations with native speakers from the USA and the UK (with people we have known for years who create fantastic atmosphere, know how to teach and love it) and grammar consultations with Polish teachers.



This is a separate section which you can use (but you do not have to ;) whenever you want to master a specific grammar issue.


It is not only a system

Vagaru is not an ordinary system. It is a place for effective and fun learning also with other Vagaru Users. We meet offline outside Vagaru as well on so called MeetUps in different Polish cities and soon we will be opening registration for Vagaru workshops on how to learn effectively. 

We are continuously developing Vagaru, and if you follow us on social media, you will always know what we’re working on! :) 

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On Vagaru we give you everything that is NECESSARY to speak English fluently, easily and confidently.


But. There is one condition. One HOOK. We are not going to learn instead of you.  We give you all the tools, methods, tasks, exercises and rewards. Your task is to do it... and on Vagaru you can do it with the coolest community ever #VagaruGang!

Do you have more questions about how to learn on Vagaru and how to use it to achieve great effects? Go to “Learning on Vagaru” section.